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thankfully. that's it for me. have a great afternoon. brooke baldwin takes it from brooke baldwin takes it from here. -- captions by vitac -- >r >p trage trag. rp a pytha python >r >p trage trag. rp a pytha pytho escapey to kill. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. gentlempgentleman a blockag in the heart of george bush. we wilp we will tawe will surgery and his outlook. > beauty queen bomber. r a mip a mia miss utah ffor allegedly wreak ing havoc on neighborhoods. >> plus, in the same hospital wing babies died within weeks of each other but the hospital is keeping secrets as parents demand answers. >> i think they're hiding something. >> cnn investigates. and the army psychiatrist accused in the fort hood massacre gets ready to question victims face to face.
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great to see you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. want to begin with a tragedy out of pennsylvania. you know, it was supposed to be a routine government meeting in this rural part of the state, but this ended -- this meeting ended with a burst of gun fire and three people dead. could have been even worse. the accused gunman still firing, was tackled not just by one but by two very courageous people. this all happened last night. this was the board of supervisor's meeting in ross township just about 70 miles north of philadelphia. we are still learning this afternoon a bit more about this alleged gun man and the victims plus these two men who are being hai hailed as heroes. cnn's poppy harlow is following this. poppy, first of all tell me about the victims. >> reporter: hi, brooke. we have been tracking this since
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it broke last night. let's talk about the three people that died. they were shot to death right behind me here at this typical monday night council meeting. three of them, three men, james laguardia, 64 years old, gerald kosic, 53 years old and dave fleetwood, 62 years old, beloved members of this community. i have been told stories about them from people that loved them. three more people injured and treated at area hospitals. this could have been so much worse. that's what's important to emphasize here as well is the heroism that played out behind me as this gunman was shooting rampantly around the room. two men stepped up, tackled him, took him to the ground and prevented him from killing anyone else. listen. >> two very courageous individuals positioned themselves in a way that they
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were able to jump on this subject as he came through the door. they wrestled with him in an attempt to subdue him even while he was firing rounds from that .44 magnum revolver. >> reporter: and we know from police that he had 90 more rounds in his car that he could have fired off but he couldn't. i talked to one of them on the phone. he didn't want me to use his name. he said i don't want the attention or the glory. i just did what i needed to do. he told me how they jumped on him, held him down, tied the shooter's hands behind his head with his jacket until police arrived. >> so this shooter, poppy, what do we know about him? >> reporter: a lot of very troubling details that have come out. a suspected shooter. he hasn't entered a plea. his name is rocky newell.
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he's a local. this all erupted because he was so angry over a conflict over his country. he had been in a fierce, long fight over his property. he had been evicted last week. in the police affidavit that we just got our hands on it says that he was specifically targeting this meeting so that he could get all of the town leaders that he was angry at in one place at the same time. the affidavit goes on to say, brooke, that as he was being walked out of the building behind me he said, and this is a quote, i wish i had killed more of them. now i talked to a police source who told me that while at the hospital, because this suspect was shot in the leg, not killed but shot in the leg, that he went on to be pretty calm and talked police through what led him up to this. he did not say that this was an admission of guilt but told police how he was so upset about the property battle, what led him to this, that he was calm, collected, seemed relatively normal, but it is a bizarre scenario that played out like
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this. chilling when you think that according to police he said, i wish i had killed more of them, brooke. >> over land. poppy harlow for us in pennsylvania. >> yeah. >> poppy, thank you very much. to the west coast we go. los angeles, a kwoucourt appear is expected for the driver of that car that plowed into the beautiful venice beach boardwalk. this was sunday afternoon. the 38-year-old driver is charged with murder. one person was killed. italian tourist alice grubioni was on her honeymoon when she was hit by the car and her husband, obviously he's in shock, he can't believe it. >> the reason for the -- that explain what happened and what i feel so i want to come back with her. >> 15 other people were also injured, three of them
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seriously. and heart surgery for a former president. george w. bush is in a dallas hospital today recovering. just a couple hours ago the former president had a stent placed in his heart to ease a blockage in his arteries. the spokesman says directors discovered the blockage yesterday during the president's annual physical exam. the 67-year-old is said to be, and i'm quoting him, in high spirits and expected to go home tomorrow. our chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta explains how blog builds up in yoplague buil your arteries. >> reporter: ldl cholesterol, l for lousy, building up forming plague that can accumulate slowly overtime narrowing the blood vessels like something building up in the pipe.
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this narrowing in the blood vessels in the heart can cause chest pain called angina. it can also cause a heart attack. did you ever wonder how seemingly healthy people can have a heart attack? this may surprise you. most heart attacks happen in people with no symptoms. in people whose arteries are less than 50% blocked. here's how. cholesterol can cause unstable bubbles or blisters of plague to form in your arteries. these can be incredibly dangerous. most are covered by a cap but inflammation and stress can cause the cap to thin and rupture resulting in a clot that blocks the flow of blood to the heart. robbed of oxygen, the heart muscle can't function properly. heart attack. >> so let me just be clear. we aren't sure if president bush had symptoms, but as dr. gupta explained, a blockage can happen to anyone. so to washington we go. cnn politicalage list gloria
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borger joins me here. we're seen a fair amount of george w. bush recently. looks good. works out. likes to mountain bike. goes to africa in july. what happened? >> reporter: well, you know, as sanjay was saying, maybe nothing. you know, maybe he just had his annual physical and this was discovered when he had a test. i mean, this is somebody who mountain bikes 20 to 30 miles on his own property in texas, who as you just pointed out was just in africa, who had his library opening, who is very physically fit. so we don't exactly know what happened, but what we do know is that he had this surgery and will be ready to leave in a day. so all's well that ends zblel thank goodness for physicals. i know i need to get on my doctor's physical and make sure i get one this year. >> reporter: we do. >> we've seen the president sort of returning to the spotlight. been laying low the last couple
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of years. >> reporter: right. >> how much, gloria, might this slow him down, do we know? >> reporter: we don't know that it would slow him down. i would wager that it wouldn't knowing george w. bush and knowing how important physical activity is to him. what we've seen from bush is interesting, too. as you point out, he's laid low. lately he's been dipping his toe back in the political waters. we've seen him talk about the need for immigration reform. you know that he tried to do that during his administration. didn't work out so well. i think he'd like to see it done now. by the way, he's coming back up in popularity, you know. he's still not regarded as a very popular ex-president, but 5 in 10 see his presidency as a failure but it used to be 7 in 10. he's fond of saying he'll be long gone when the history books try to judge just what he did and how he did it.
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>> well, we wish him well and, again, go see the doctor. gloria borger, thank you very much. >> reporter: right. the threat of a terror threat appears to be ongoing. the threat is yemen. westerners are heading out getting out of yemen while they can. at dawn an unknown number of americans left on a government flied arranged by the state department. they are on their way to germany. at last word, not quite there yet, but we told you about these embassy closures. they remain in effect. look at all of them. they remain in effect across the middle east, parts of africa as well. now we've got the fingerprints of al qaeda. sources are telling cnn that osama bin laden's successor, ayman al-zawahiri sent a letter saying, do something. the chatter set off all of this.
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nick payton walsh is watching this developing. nick, it has been five days since we first became aware of this terrorist threat and what we have seen today, the threat is clearly still ongoing. so why else would the u.s., why would briton, those folks be getting out of yemen? >> reporter: well, certainly the threat whilst being starved, anything from west africa, bangladesh to yemen, even though they thought it would be last sunday, it's ongoing. no one is clear where this is coming from. the state department is continuing to evaluate new information. that withdrawal of diplomatic staff you've been talking about, that has been emotional for a couple of days. the u.s. did repeat its normal travel advice to most americans to get out of yemen and never travel there anyway. a certain escalation on their part today.
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many asking is it possibly the drone strikes overnight against militants in yemen that may have contributed to that that now bringing it to four in ten days or is it what yemeni officials are talking about, the potential of al qaeda operatives moving into the capital? all unclear but there has been the significant escalation in the mind to the u.s. officials needing to do more to protect americans in yemen. >> i know, nick, a lot of people are saying why now. when you look back, we know the terrorists are big on staging attacks on certain dates. low and behold, it turned out tomorrow, nick, is the 15th anniversary of the deadly anniversary bombings in kenya and tanzania. you had simultaneous truck bombs, hundreds of people killed in africa, and believe it or not, those were the attacks that put osama bin laden on the radar. could those bombings, nick, be
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worth understanding as o we try understand what the threat right now might be? >> reporter: the timing is to many people very opaque. they were concerned it may have been sunday because that was a key day in the muslim calendar. we have the key dates coming up plus september 11th is not only the attacks on manhattan and washington but also the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. many of those potential anniversaries. let's bear in mind, we're talking about a very different al qaeda than we did back then. al qaeda in the a arabian peninsula, they're not that powerful. they can't strike outside of yemen. it's in the country the greatest fear is despite the fact when all of these diplomatic posts have closed around the world and will remain closed until the weekend. >> nick payton walsh in beirut. nick, thank you.
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a cnn investigation. two babies died in the very same wing of this children's hospital within weeks of one another. and inside that hospital there is a secret. parents are furious because they're not getting answers. do not miss this. >> i feel like there are things they're not telling you? >> i think they're hiding something. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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you are waiting to hear a heartbreaking story. a town where not just one but two babies died within weeks of each other. put yourself in the parents' shoes. they're sad and furious as well because the hospital will not elaborate or reveal details about its mysterious history. in fact, the hospital is keeping secrets from the attorney general. cnn's senior correspondent elizabeth cohen with the report. >> reporter: on the surface kentucky children's hospital is all kittens and murals.
11:18 am
last august six month old connor died after having heart surgery. >> his lips were blue and eyelids were blue. >> ray shonn smith died after heart surgeries. >> this one went into heart failure. he barely survived. jackson russell had heart surgery and his parents say it was botched and a surgeon at a different hospital had to fix it. >> he said there was a lot of scar tissue and infection that was left behind. >> reporter: all of this happened within eight weeks. it was a crisis, to say the least, so in october kentucky children's hospital, a part of the university of kentucky, stopped doing heart surgeries and put its chief heart surgeon, dr. mark plunket, on temporary leave. now the question is were these four babies the only ones who suffered? how many other babies died or had complications at kentucky children's? no one knows. why? because the hospital refuses to say. heart programs at many other children's hospitals report their mortality rates right on
11:19 am
their websites, but kentucky children's refuses to release their mortality rate. they won't give it to us. they won't give it to parents. they won't even give it to the kentucky attorney general. the parents are angry and demanding answers. >> do you feel like there are things they're just not telling you? >> i think they're hiding something. >> the attorney general ruled that by withholding the data the university was in violation of the state's open records act. the university has appealed that ruling. we asked a hospital executive about the heart surgery mortality rates. he said they were average. >> they were okay and okay isn't good enough for me. it's got to be better. it's got to be good. >> reporter: and still he won't release the mortality rates. >> reporter: why won't you give it to parents whose babies are in your hospital? >> as a -- as i -- as i said, i
11:20 am
have not been asked by a parent about data personally. >> reporter: we talked to plenty of parents who said we want this data so i'm surprised you don't know that parents want this data. >> it's nothing i've gotten to me. >> reporter: but don't you think parents want data? i mean, they're having their baby's heart operated on. don't you think they want to know the success rates. >> you may be sophisticated and ask about da tampt most of our patients come in and they want to be assured we're committed to doing the very best we can for them. most of them would have a hard time understanding data. data -- data is a complex issue. >> reporter: these parents say they understand numbers just fine. >> my first question was, i wanted to know statistics. i want to know hard facts. i want to know chances, possibilities, everything you could tell me. >> reporter: dr. karpf says there's another reason they won't provide mortality rate. it would violate patient
11:21 am
privacy. what of dr. plunket? he resigned and he has a new job at the university of florida doing the same surgeries. kentucky children's hospital says after an internal review they will start doing heart surgeries again. karpf says this time he'll make sure the program is top notch but these parents say as long as the death rate remains a secret, it's not safe for any child to have heart surgery at kentucky children's. >> i'm standing up for the ones who have lost their kids, the moms that i've had to stand in the hallway with and try to console because they lost their children and they don't know what's happened and there's still no answers given to them. >> i said, it's scary to think that maybe, you know, the reason that they had been shut down could have been prevented and our child could have still been here today. >> reporter: elizabeth cohn, cnn
11:22 am
reporting. elizabeth, thank you. this outrage is not going anywhere because there is now an online petition for parents of kids who have heart defects to try to get this hospital to release its numbers. coming up, a beauty queen under arrest for allegedly tossing a homemade bomb. you heard me, bombs at homes in a salt lake city suburb. why? what was she really up to? and could she face jail time? that's next. a community wide program that offers free classes that inspire families to get out, enjoy moving together, and even track their activity online. it's part of our goal to inspire more than three million people to rediscover the joy of being active this summer. see the difference all of us can make... together. these chevys are moving fast. i'll take that malibu. yeah excuse me, the equinox in atlantis blue is mine!
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a beauty queen in utah has bigger problems than winning the swimsuit competition because she is now facing charges for allegedly making homemade bombs. she and three other 18-year-olds call it a prank. the police, yeah, they're not laughing here. kylie beers from our affiliate ktvx has the story. >> it's pretty scary to hear that that went down in our neighborhood. >> reporter: steve willie wasn't home when that happened but word spreads fast. >> that concerned us a lot. absolutely. >> i'm okay but i'm just glad it didn't happen to me. that would totally freak me out.
11:26 am
>> reporter: neighbors called police after what sounded like bombs going off. witnesses say someone threw bottles from a car that then exploded. unified fire officers found those bottles and say while small, they have the potential to cause a little bit of damage. >> you get a little bit of shrapnel or fragmentation effect from the container as well as the chemicals. >> reporter: four teens could be facing felony charges. >> ten counts. there could be potentially a good deal of jail time here. >> reporter: for gals, the consequences could go further. you were an ambassador to your city. you represent your city which means you represent everybody there. something that worries neighbors we talked to as well. >> i don't want to put a bad name to riverton city because this is an awesome city.
11:27 am
the fort hood shooting is underway today. four victims have already taken the stand. >> when i got hit the first time, the first round was a head shot. as i was laying on the floor he hit me again in my back, i decided then that i wasn't going to die. i had to fight. >> that is alonzo lunsford speaking with piers morgan back in june. but with nadal hasan representing himself, staff sergeant may have to answer questions from the man he says shot him. that's next. the great outdoors... ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice. got it! oh my gosh this is so cool... awesome!
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the opening statement in the 2009 fort hood shooting. 13 people were killed in that shooting spree. 30 more wounded and survivors have not at all forgotten any of the details. at least one says he won't be afraid to look this man in the e eye. >> during the initial act in 2009 when i realized what was happening seeing someone wearing the same uniform that i was wearing that was shooting us and at the time not having a reason to shoot us, but by him yelling, i was hurt because in the military we all believe one color. we wear one color. doesn't matter what your national origin is because we're fighting for a cause. for him to turn on us and to start killing innocent people, it leaves you speechless. now the other thing that's going to happen is that major hasan is
11:32 am
expecting because we suffer from ptsd or tbi that we are going to be afraid to stand in front of him, but i will share this with you from the heart, we will show no fear in the face of the enemy. we will not allow major hasan or anyone that's following him or anyone that he has followed strike any fear on our beloved citizens of the united states of america. >> cnn's ed lavendere is covering this from fort hood. ed, back to hasan and back to this less than two minutes statement, what did he say in that little time? what was your reaction to it in the courtroom? >> reporter: well, it was fascinating because the prosecutors had just spent the previous hour meticulously detailing how he carried out the massacre not too far away from where this trial is going on and how the 13 people were killed and more than 30 others were
11:33 am
wound wounded. it was pretty painful to hear. prosecutors were talking about one pregnant woman who was pleading for the life of her child. she was pleading my baby, my baby, and you heard a shot and she was silent. hasan stood up and in a matter of moments took away all of that attention and said he claimed to be the shooter just right out of the gate. took away any pretense about whether or not this trial would be about his guilt or innocence. hasan basically declaring he is the shooter. he went on to say that the evidence will show one side of the story here, that the evidence will show that i was on the wrong side being a u.s. soldier and that i switched sides. so clearly major hasan trying to use this trial as a platform to try to espouse his religious beliefs. prosecutors say that his motive for the shooting was that he was
11:34 am
going to be deployed to afghanistan towards the end of 2009. he did not want to be deployed. he felt it was his jihad duty to kill as many u.s. soldiers as possible. >> ed lavandera reporting for us. i want to talk legal what we can expect in the coming days and weeks. monica lindstrom joins us from phoenix and dennis from philadelphia. let's begin with what we heard from ed in texas to sort of juxtapose the prosecution, you know, detail, meticulous, one hour opening statement with this, you know, two minutes from nadal hasan. is there any i don't even want to -- i would say what's the strategy in that? but is there even any strategy, danny? >> well, what's fascinating to me is that the judge usually tells jurors that opening statements and closing statements are not themselves evidence, however, what a unique situation where the actual --
11:35 am
someone's representing themself pro se and he stands up and admits that he is the shooter. however, i think what we're seeing is a rambling contrived justification that he believes in his mind he had to shoot because he had some greater good that he had to achieve or some form of defense of others. who knows though. when someone represents themselves pro se, anything can happen. >> and, monica, i think not only clearly is he admitting he does this, he had offered to plead guilty. the judge, the prosecution said, no, because they want the jury to ultimately convict him because had they accepted this guilty plea, the death penalty would have been off the table, correct? >> that's absolutely right. i think danny brings up a good point. when you get to a high level crime like this and the defendant chooses to represent themselves, i think it's really a form of arrogance, maybe some narcissism, and they usually have an agenda, some theories they want to put forth.
11:36 am
they want it as a pulpit for them to just say whatever they want to say. and one thing that the judge did in this case is the defendant wanted to try to argue that he was defending others, his brothers over fighting for the taliban, etc., etc., and the judge said, i'm not going to let you say that because that is not valid here. you can't use that as a defense. so i think we're going to hear more about his theories and how he feels, not really a defense at all. >> danny, how have you ever seen someone in this high profile crime representing him or herself? has this ever been done before? >> actually, it has. i mean, a couple examples. ted bundy, i believe, represented himself but there have been instances where people represent themselves. charles manson certainly spoke for himself many, many, many times during his trial. you see this a lot. they will fire a lot of their private counsel and tried to proceed pro se. but believe me, to proceed pro
11:37 am
se the court will not do it willy-nilly. are you sure? are you super duper sure? ultimately it is a constitutional right to represent yourself pro se. >> i appreciate hearing from sergeant lunsford saying i'm ready to look this man in the eye. thank you. we'll be following this in the coming days and continue this conversation. meantime, let me give you all a heads up. any minute we're expecting to hear from a family member of the two little boys, the 5 and 7-year-old who were killed yesterday by a python during their sleepover. they were living above this pet store. the python escaped and fell through the ceiling and then, according to police, strangled them. we're going to take that news conference as soon as we see it live coming up. ll devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in.
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okay. that time of the month.
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a visit from aunt flo. ladies out there know we have a lot of euphemisms for this. now this new ad getting millions of views tackling the subject of periods head on. ruffling some feathers. before we play it, yes, for some of you this stuff is pretty taboo. watch this. >> it was the beginning of summer and no one knew me at camp. i was just a big, random loser, then things changed. i got my period. >> the red badge of courage. >> i was the first one to get it so i was like the expert. i became the camp gyno ♪ i'm the queen bee, come get it ♪ ♪ no tripping >> it's a serious responsibility. from now on, you get these from me. i'm like a counselor now. listen up, ladies.
11:42 am
menstruation, demonstration. for these campers, i was their joan of arc. your sword. your shield. it's like i'm joan and their vag is the arc. >> it hurts. >> suck it up and deal with it. i guess the power got to my head a little bit. this is your life now. popularity can do that. >> okay. so that was just part of it, folks. this is hello's internet campaign to launch their delivery service of period starter kits for young girls. so far it has seen nearly 5 million times in a week. it's started a much bigger conversation. to talk about it we welcome kelly wallace. welcome back to cnn, kelly wallace. >> why, thank you. >> so nice to have you on and what a story we are talking about. >> yes. >> so i love this because let's just go there. that's sort of the whole point of this whole thing. you wrote this great op ed piece
11:43 am
for let me quote you, kelly wallace. you begin the article. you go to the story and you whisper, feminine products? the words just came out of my mouth. i am 46, have had my period for more than 30 years and couldn't say the word tampon. >> come on. >> kelly, why are we still whispering in 2013? >> i couldn't believe it. i cracked up, brooke, after i did that because i was like, where are the aisles for the feminine products? come on. >> we've all done it. >> i know. then i saw this ad and that is really the point here. it's a little in your face. some might say it goes a little too far, but instead of being embarrassed and making it feel like a shameful moment or carrying your tampons in your plastic bag, it's like, whoa, i'm empowered. i'm strong. i've got my red badge of courage and i think that's what women of all ages are responding to. they say why not celebrate it and speak about it the way women talk as opposed to kind of the way we've been whispering for years. >> kelly, i feel like -- i'm
11:44 am
curious what this creator of this ad told you. like i said, it's 2013. there is a heck of a lot. we have evolved. we can talk about a lot of things but for some reason this subject, which affects every woman, is like taboo. >> it is. that is part of why she wanted to create this. she said, brooke, she didn't have a traumatic experience when she got her period, but she said even in 2013 many kids feel embarrassed when they get it. their moms are not talking with them about it. and she thought, why not create these starter kits to help, you know, moms have the conversation with kids and also she said why not kind of make it fun so you can subscribe to get monthly pads and tampons wrapped in nice tissue paper. so instead of it being a moment you dread, maybe it can be like the gal in the ad said, i'm santa for your -- i won't say the end in case i offend anybody. >> yeah. you have to kind of watch the rest of the ad to see it. i tweeted it out.
11:45 am
you're a mom. you have two young girls. i hear you're already dreading the talk. >> i am. my oldest is 7 so i don't think we're there yet, but you do. at the same time, i talk to so many women who said they had the talk especially when their girls were young, some as young as 8 since we know they're entering puberty at younger and younger ages. i took a lot of notes and wrote down the books that they used. communication is key, brooke. we want to have the conversations with our girls and we want to empower them with the information. we want them to not be embarrassed. >> kelly wallace, let us know how the talk goes in a couple of years with the little once. >> i'll keep you posted. >> kelly, thank you so much. we appreciate it. let us know what you think about the ad. the little girl was cute, tweet me brooke baldwin. coming up, it is shark week on the discovery channel, but a lot of you are furious. we're going to tell you about the so-called documentary that
11:46 am
got shark week off to a false start. that's next. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare when warfarin is well managed. no routine blood monitoring means bob can spend his extra time however he likes. new zealand! xarelto® is just one pill a day, taken with the evening meal. and with no dietary restrictions, bob can eat the healthy foods he likes.
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11:49 am
this was the shocking footage that kicked off the discovery channel's ratings winner, shark week. meglodon, the biggest shark, i'm talking 67 neat length. huge, yes. a killer? yes. but also very extinct. that is not the way the discovery channel spun it up front. they used footage just like the footage you're looking at to convince the audience that this whale washed up with a giant bite taken out of it. guess what? it was all fake. the so-called experts, actors. discovery channel is defending this mocumentary that scored record ratings saying we wanted to explore the possibilities of magalodon. it is one of the most debated shark discussions of all time, can magalodon exist today?
11:50 am
it's ultimate shark week fantasy. you wrote this. let me read part of it. here is what i don't get, discovery. meg la done's were real, incredible, fascinating sharks. there's a ton of actual science about them that is well worth a two hour special alt. you go on. you choose, instead, to mislead your viewers 120 minutes of bs. christie, have you gotten any response? >> absolutely. overwhelming earlytive to my letter, actually. a lot of people are really happy that i wrote it and they all agree. if you read all of the comments on the discovery channel, they have been inundated with angry responses. so i'm not the only one -- >> anything from discovery? >> no, not as of yet. >> not as of yet. so you also mentioned, too, that they almost, you know, flaunted the fact that they duped viewers putting the poll on their
11:51 am
website showing that 73% of their viewers believed this monster shark still exists. that, by the way, has been taken down. do they owe an apology? if so, what do they need to say? >> i think they do. the trouble with discovery is that they are advertised and they flaunt the fact that they are the number one nonfiction media company out there. that they produce this high quality educating content and they produce this special that is basically fraud and lies and don't admit to which parts were true. i mean, it is true that there are some zoologists out there that believe that megalodon exists. it is not a debate amongst shark scientists. it's not the most debated shark discussion at any time and they owe their viewers the truth and an apology for what they made up. >> we'll see if they give out
11:52 am
that myia culpa. thank you very much on shark week. coming up next, one candidate for new york mayor has an unusual proposal. this time i'm not talking about anthony weiner. we will talk about christine quinn's plans to help parents with young kids next. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow.
11:53 am
who? meghan, my coworker. who? seriously? you've met her like three times. who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
11:54 am
we've all heard and i know a
11:55 am
lot of you are experiencing firsthand a spike in student loan debt. what about loans for day care? the new york city council who is running for mayor has unveiled this program targeting middle class parents. that's middle class as it's defined in new york city. zain asher joins me. when you talk about dollars and cents, it sounds like college tuition but it is day care. >> i know. it's crazy, brooke. yeah. basically the exorbitant costs of day care is a huge problem in new york. day care in manhattan can cost up to $2300 a month. >> whew. >> i know. unbelievable. i'm not sure what it is like in atlanta, but here it is very expensive. to put that in context, tuition at an ivy league school is $20,000 a year. day care in manhattan is $30,000. not far behind. christine quinn is disclosing day care loans. it's the middle class families which she defines as, you know,
11:56 am
people making between 80,000 and $200,000 a year. there are some requirements. you do have to have good credit. 620 and above. >> i'm still wrapping my head around the $30,000 a year thing in new york. i guess on the other side, though, is it really a good idea to go into debt taking out loans for day care? >> i know. you know, so the idea is that the credit rating requirement, the idea is that it might prevent people from taking out loans who are less likely to pay it back. for lack of a better way of putting it. >> okay. >> at least with student loans, the idea is that you go to college, you hopefully get a good job that will allow you to pay your student loans back. of course with day care, brooke, it's not like the 4-year-old can go out and get a loan and pay it back. it's a little bit tricky. >> not yet. zain asher, thank you very much for that. moments ago, police have
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
they're hoping to attract people who want fiep art. it features artists from monet, rock well, warhol. it will cost you $1 million for it will cost you $1 million for works from one of those artists. -- captions by vitac -- tragedy at a sleepover. two little boys killed after a python escapes. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. a blockage discovered in the heart of george w. bush. we will take you inside the type of surgery and his outlook. same-sex marriage is illegal in pennsylvania but a clerk of court is issuing licenses anyway. now the governor is taking acti action. plus, cnn tracks down a person of interest in the benghazi attack but the fbi
12:01 pm
can't. why? erin burnett joins me live on her riveting investigation ♪ i want to be loved by you a new book suggests marilyn monroe called jackie kennedy to chat about the sex symbol's love affair with jfk. >> she was a smart political wife and she feared marilyn monroe. and we continue on hour two. great to be with you. i'm brooke baldwin. top of the hour. i want to take you to canada. new brunswick specifically. a police press conference actually just ended with more details about the deaths of these two boys, ages 5 and 7, who were apparently killed, strangled in their sleep by a 99 pound python. these brothers were at a sleepover at a friend's apartment. it was above a pet store that
12:02 pm
the father owned. police seau tops sis are underway right now to determine the exact cause of death with these two little boys, but it appears the snake escaped from a glass enclosure, somehow slithered up the ventilation system and was so huge that it fell through the ceiling in the room where these two little boys were sleeping. police say it is too early to talk about possible criminal charges here. another pet store owner says aggressive behavior is rare in pythons except when they are hungry. >> this snake was probably way underfed and badly housed. for a snake to get out of that size it has to be really hungry and not in good conditions because usually snakes are very easy going and i've been doing this for about 20 years myself and it's rare that snakes get out. >> and we just heard from the uncle. this is one of the little boy's mother uncle just spoke at this press conference in canada.
12:03 pm
take a listen. >> yes, it's dave erlis. >> translator: debby is my sist sister. >> and the mother of the two children that passed. on behalf of the family, we acknowledge the interests in this awful tragedy. we appreciate the outpour of sympathy that has been shown. many inquiries that we have are mostly about connor and noah. i'm going to give you just a little resume, a day in the life of the two boys, their last day. connor was just shy of 7.
12:04 pm
in fact, his birthday was on -- will be on the 23rd of august, and noah was 4 1/2 years old. connor would have entered the second grade this year and noah was extremely excited to join his big brother by starting kindergarten and both would have been in the same lord beaver brooks school. they were two typical children. they enjoyed life to a maximum. their last day was spent playing with their friends in the backyard. they had a little pool. had a barbecue. and later in the afternoon jon clawed savoy took all the children shopping. they each had their own little carts and they filled their carts with treats and after the shopping trip, the two family's, jean claude's family went to jean claude's farm. there they played with llamas,
12:05 pm
goats, horses, played with dogs and cats. they went for a ride and jean claude even let them steer the tractor. a super day. late after night they got home for the sleepover at jean claude's house. the two families stayed together until midnight and that's the type of life they have and that's what we're going to remember. at this time we ask that you please respect the family and their privacy as they grieve this awful tragedy. funeral arrangements haven't yet been decided. we should be -- it should be forthcoming shortly. as of now we don't know. we are also aware of several people that started fundraisers in memory of noah and different vigils. we'd sincerely like to thank them for everything they've done so far. thank you very much.
12:06 pm
>> so that was one of the family members speaking about these two little boys who, according to police wrrks strangled by this 99 pound snake, this python. tom stoff is the president and ceo of the ohio zoo. welcome. i see you're sitting -- i believe -- i've been told there is a snake somewhere next to you behind you so we can take a look at that in a minute. first, when you hear this story of this snake slithering out of this cage, up this ventilation area falling through the ceiling, is this python behavior? how does this happen? >> first of all, thank you. our condolences to the family. what a tragedy. here at the columbus zoo we focus on wildlife and wild places. it's very unusual for a tragedy. in the last 12 years there have been 12 people that have lost
12:07 pm
their lives to snakes. if you compare that to domestic dogs in the last 20 years there's been over 320 tragedies where there's been a loss of life so it is extremely rare but irregardless, it's such a tragedy when we talk about exotic animals or large snakes like this. one thing that i did hear though in the last story is that the boys were playing with farm animals, llamas, different animals. it is possible that as the snake was meandering through the house if the boys didn't wash, the snakes have an incredible sense of smell with their jacob son's organ, it's possible that the snake was heading towards the boys because they smelled like prey. >> i'm trying to understand the sheer power of a snake like this. i noah cording to reports it was 11 to 15 feet long, 99 pounds. can you just talk about the
12:08 pm
power, the sheer power of a python? >> pie thons are extremely muss skew lar and they squeeze their prey. constrictors are very strong and, you know, when we talk about this specific animal. if it was 15 feet long and 99 pounds, that really is considered a slender snake. the snake that i have here behind the glass is a 15 foot python that's 150 pounds and is considered a large reticulated python. this was an african rock python so it's similar in size when they become adults. >> i know that here in the states there are differing laws depending on the state. this was canada. go back to why would someone
12:09 pm
want a python as a pet? they're above a pet store. why would someone want this in a home? >> there's thousands of pet owners and there's thousands of snakes in private homes and here at the columbus zoo we emphasize and educate our guests about the proper care for animals and when we talk about tragedy, two years ago in zanesville, ohio, we had someone release 56 large karn nif vors, lions and tigers, so we focused on educating ohio ans on the way you properly care for animals. you know, the bottom line is there are responsible pet owners and those that are considered a pet or an exotic animal is -- in order for us to do that, it's all about educating people.
12:10 pm
snakes live a long time. it's expensive to care for them. when we talk about this tragedy, it's really unheard of to have a pet store that would own this size of a snake and somehow it escaped from its enclosure. >> it is unbelievable. i'm sure more details will eke out. tom, thank you very much. also today, former president george w bush is recovering from heart surgery. the 67-year-old had a stent placed in an artery after a blockage was discovered during a physical, an annual physical exam. he is expected to leave his dallas hospital, head on home tomorrow, but the surgery took everyone by surprise. doctors found the blockage in his artery just yesterday. cardiologist is here, director
12:11 pm
of interventional cardiology at emory university. thank you for being here. >> you're welcome. >> first, the president goes in for an annual physical and all of a sudden the next day he gets a stent put in. that seems pretty quick to me. >> it certainly sounds very quick. as you know, heart disease takes a couple of decades or three decades to evolve. unfortunately it can remain silent until it becomes pretty severely blocked. that's why the challenge with heart disease, certainly in the west, a lot of people are predisposed to it based on their diet. it does appear sudden but it's not uncommon that's how it presents. >> you've performed these surgeries before. tell me, what exactly is a stent and what is the procedure involved? >> so the procedure, we don't consider it surgery per se. sort of minimally invasive or percutaneous. all that means is we go in through the skin, we access one
12:12 pm
of the blood vessels through the wrist or the groin, and through that we snake some little catheters through the heart arteries, we inject dye and we identify the heart blockages and that's where the stent comes in. the accident is like a slotted metallic tube that goes in over a rail and is deployed at high ott moss feerk pressures on the machine. that pushes the black against the wall and restores the lumen and, hence, the blood flow to the heart. >> so the take away. president bush loves to mountain bike, was just out and about. what's the take away for people who think i'm perfectly healthy. do i need to be running to the doctor? >> you've got to watch for your health. it's known that if you have high cholesterol or diabetes or high blood pressure, either of these things probably the president had, you're certainly predisposed to heart disease. obviously if mom or dad or other
12:13 pm
members of the family have heart disease you're predisposed. screening with your physician is a great idea. a healthy diet is way more important than we previously thought. we always thought it was important. >> it really, really is. dr. samady, thank you for coming in. coming up, man hunt underway. two kids are believed to be abducted. we'll take you to san diego with the suspect on the run and the clues he's left behind. plus, a pennsylvania man handing out marriage licenses to same-sex couples. only problem is same-sex marriage isn't legal there. state leaders now stepping in with some strong words and threats of action.
12:14 pm
12:15 pm
12:16 pm
breaking today, an amber alert. then a woman and k450i8d found dead inside of a fire. now two other children are missing and police are looking for a man named dimaggio. james dimaggio. miguel is joining us from san diego. tell us about these two missing kids and do police have a clue as to where they could be?
12:17 pm
>> reporter: they don't. a very wide area they are targeting, all the way from mexico, the town where this all happened is boulevard, california, 65 miles east of san diego. very close to the mexican border all the way to the canadian border as well. they're looking for a blue nissan versa that mr. dimaggio was in. he was with one of two kids, hannah anderson, 16 years old and ethan anderson, 16 yea8 yea. in the house that mr. dimaggio was the body of christina anderson and the body of another child. >> miguel. >> we are currently missing two children, the two anderson children. we did find the remains of a child in the rubble of the burned out house. we don't know if that is one of the anderson children or if it's a third missing child.
12:18 pm
right now we don't have any missing children reports that would put any recent ones in the area. that doesn't mean that it's not a different child. at this point we just don't know. >> investigators stressing that time is of the essence here. the sooner, more information we can get out there, the sooner they can get a beat on them, the more likely it is to bring this to as happy of a resolution as it can. at the moment they're following up on several leads. several search warrants have been served and they hope to make positive identification on all of the bodies in the next 24 hours. brooblg? >> miguel, thank you. gay marriage isn't legal in pennsylvania. this doesn't matter to this guy. he is in charge of handing out marriage licenses. he has approved dozens of licenses for same-sex couples. some say his actions could end up changing state law. especially when it comes to my investments.
12:19 pm
you want a broker you can trust. a lot of guys at the other firms seemed more focused on selling than their clients. that's why i stopped working at my old brokerage and became a financial consultant with charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today.
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
crystal clear here, same-sex marriage in pennsylvania is not legal. but, that has not stopped one
12:22 pm
county official near philadelphia from handing out marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. now he's in deep trouble with the state. sara ganum has the story. >> reporter: some people say he's gone rogue, but what bruce haynes has essentially done is made pennsylvania the 14th state to legalize same-sex marriage. >> i believe i'm compelled to do it. >> reporter: haynes is the register of wills of montgomery county, pennsylvania. about three weeks ago he said he was asked to give a marriage license to a lesbian couple even though the state has a ban on same-sex marriage. instead of immediately saying no, they went to the state's constitution. >> article one section one which is a sort of preamble but it does state that we're all entitled to individual liberties and freedom and happiness. >> reporter: 78 couples and counting have come to the suburban county from all across the state. haynes says the reaction of
12:23 pm
people has been mostly positive. >> thank you for standing up for human rights. >> reporter: with one obvious exception. the state department of health filed a petition demanding he stop. it says haynes is acting in direct defines that pennsylvania defines marriage between one man and one woman and that what haynes is doing risks causing serious and limitless harm to the public. >> there's plenty of things the governor should be doing and focusing on eliminating our marriage is just not one of them. >> reporter: pennsylvania has long been considered one of the more conservative states when it comes to same-sex marriage. >> bigger picture, the issue is going to be simply this, whether or not a reading of the constitution, a pennsylvania constitution which is pretty broadly written, whether or not that can be read to override the state law ban on marriage. >> reporter: danny cevallas says haynes could end up changing state law. >> the state supreme court in
12:24 pm
pennsylvania could review this and strike down the state law that it finds inconsistent with the constitution. laws are, quote, created this way every day. >> reporter: haynes says he knows the significance of what he's done. >> in the ordinary course of business two people are coming into my office, sitting on a bench waiting to get a marriage license and they're getting those marriages license regardless of their gender. >> reporter: but, he says, he doesn't see himself as a crusader. >> wow. sara ganum joins me live. this could have all kinds of repercussio repercussions. hearing danny say the state could review it, take it up and change the law. >> this is a conservative state. clearly not everyone is on board with this. the question is will this state law hold up in court? will the court decide that the state law is constitutional or not? one state lawmaker believes, quote, it's outrageous to see a
12:25 pm
locally elected official to believe he has the ability to set policy like this from a local county office. if it wasn't so wrong, it would be laughable. that's a quote from representative daryl metcalf from pennsylvania. clearly not everyone is on board with it. he's being sued. obviously not. he's being sued by pennsylvania. why is he doing this? >> that's a great question. i asked him that. i said, you know, when the first couple came to you, you could have said, i'm sorry, no. >> it's against the law. >> all of the other counties in the state, no one has said yes. he said, i could have. i could have said no. he went to the books. he looked at the constitution. he said not only do i believe the law is on my side, he said i also believe i'm on the right side of history. that gives you a little bit of background in what's going to his head. >> stay on it and see what pennsylvania does for us. sarah ganim, thank you very much. the united states with more fears a terror attack is coming.
12:26 pm
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12:29 pm
i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. a live picture and show you what we're looking at. we're waiting to hear from alleged victim number 11 with allegations of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment against the mayor of san diego. he's now in day two of intensive behavioral therapy here before he goes back officially on the job. as soon as we hear from this nurse speaking we will take that live in san diego. meantime, we have gotten pictures of the air force passenger jet that left yemen after dawn. an unknown number of americans were on that flight to germany from the u.s. state department
12:30 pm
which insisted it's not an evacuation although it certainly looked like one. security is very tight in yemen's capitol. today we got word of a drone strike, perhaps two, that killed a handful of militants. we've gotten word of a number of bad guys filtering into yemen from elsewhere. this is all connected to the terrorists threats from last week. these are the 19 u.s. embassies across the middle east and much of africa remain closed for the rest of this week. tomorrow, by the way, is the 15th anniversary of those deadly embassy bombings in both kenya and tan da nkne -- tanzania. they killed hundreds of thousands of people in africa tomorrow 15 years ago. speaking of anniversaries, we are coming up soon on the first anniversary of the consulate attack in benghazi. tonight on cnn at 10:00 eastern,
12:31 pm
the truth about benghazi, a special cnn investigation. i do know from this diary that they found, he recognized that there was danger lurking in these places. >> that is the mother of ambassador christopher stevens, one of the four americans killed in that attack last year. as i said, the truth about benghazi tonight at 10:00 eastern. watch it live. set your dvrs. erin burnett is the host. she joins me live. erin, what will we learn from watching this? >> well, you just heard chris stevens mother saying that diary, of course, which as you know cnn arwa damon who has been in benghazi twice found that and his family talks about how he knew there was danger. and all of the people who were there knew that there was incredible danger, brooke, of course, but the bottom line is that this absolutely could have been prevented. when we talked to each of the family members what struck me the most is covering this as a journalist, it was actually
12:32 pm
having the opportunity to talk to these family members, with their children, with their brothers talking about what it was like to lose someone, you know, who was so important to their lives. to get a sense of who these people were as individuals. that each of them were living the lives that were meant to lead. glen dougherty was a former s.e.a.l. he was about to retire. he was intimidated that he would have to go into the private sector and retrain. he had all of these skills and had been all around the world and saving people's lives and felt he had to go back and start from zero. this was going to be his last assignment. you had a story like that. you had ty woods whose mother talks about a game that he had drawn on a little piece of paper when he was 12 with alligators, spieders, the whole goal was to shoot your way to get back home. they were all very apolitical. they want justice. it was very emotional. i'll give you a clip of kate
12:33 pm
quigley, glen dougherty's sister, the s.e.a.l. >> i got a phone call and from there i then had to decide how to fell everyone. >> and how did you do it? >> there's no way to sugar coat it. you just do it. you know, getting a phone call that kind of alters your life forever is horrible. >> she was incredibly close with her brother. she had to call their parents and tell them and you realize just this incredible human toll. these people, although like i said, only one family was very political about it, but they do want justice, brooke. they want to know what happened. >> so as they are seeking the truth about benghazi, i understand that we talked to someone within the u.s. government, someone -- or i should say a figure at the u.s. government really wants to hear from. who is this person? >> this person is someone, arwa damon when she was in benghazi a
12:34 pm
few months ago, was able to talk to. the u.s. government has identified this person as a person of interest. he was able to speak to arwa. he's spoken to journalists but at least according to oush understanding not to the u.s. government at this time. he said to her, look, i'm happy to do an interview as long as it's a journalistic one. yes, i was there that night. i was going to see what was happening. i was directing traffic. she had this whole conversation with him out in the open. i think, brooke, the thing to emphasize about this, even over the past couple months after that as we've been trying to get different things in benghazi, trying to go there and get information, it has been incredibly difficult. the whole situation has deteriorated. you know about a jail break. 1200 released from jail. it is now more dangerous than it was three months ago. it is almost impossible to go. the situation has gotten worse, not better. that's the opposite direction
12:35 pm
this country needs to go to. 10:00, the truth about benghazi. cnn special investigation, 10:00 eastern. erin, thank you. coming up next, you have heard about the rumors of marilyn monroe, her relationship with john f. kennedy. now there's a new book of shocking new conversations and a phone call marilyn made to jackie kennedy. in that phone call monroe confessed to the affair. we will share with you the first lady's shocking response. vo: getting your car serviced at meineke, smart.
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the rumors. rumors that president john f. kennedy had affairs. that's nothing new. even his supposed affair with marilyn monroe, but now there is a book. this new book claims that not only did monroe and kennedy have a relationship but that monroe actually picked up the phone and called first lady jackie kennedy
12:39 pm
to talk about it. here is cnn's zoraida sambolin. >> reporter: never before have such details been heard about the relationship between president john f. kennedy, marilyn monroe, and the first lady. in a new book, these few precious days, the final year of jack with jackie, author christopher anderson claims that the hollywood starlet actually called jaclyn kennedy on the white house phone confessing to an affair she was rumored to be having with the president. the first lady allegedly responded by saying, that's great. you'll move into the white house and you'll assume the responsibilities of first lady and i'll move out and you'll have all the problems. >> the claim that marilyn monroe actually called jackie o at the white house, it does seem far fempd, but then again with marilyn monroe, seemingly everything was possible. ♪ i want to be loved by you ♪
12:40 pm
>> reporter: the book claims that she confided her moet intimate details of the alleged affair to a friend convinced the president would leave jackie for her, even fantasizing, quote, can't you just see me as first lady? >> the idea that president kennedy would leave his beloved wife who the nation adored for a sort of aging movie star probably was a fantasy only in marilyn monroe's mind. >> reporter: the book also tells of jackie reportedly telling her doctor that of all her husband's alleged affairs, the one with marilyn was the most troubling. >> jackie kennedy, she was a smart political wife and she feared marilyn monroe, not as somebody who would be emotionally intimate with president kennedy but, rather, somebody who can take down the administration in scandal and she viewed her as a loose cannon and unpredictable. >> so did marilyn monroe really call jackie kennedy or not. let's ask doug weed. he's the author of "the raising
12:41 pm
of a president. the mothers and fathers of our nation's presidents." he joins me by phone from las vegas. let me ask you. >> i'm with you. >> i hear you laugh. is it possible that marilyn monroe picks up the phone, calls jackie kennedy, says she wants to mary jfk, or was marilyn, you know, dreaming? >> yes it's very possible that that happened. in fact, i would say president kennedy and mrs. kennedy were ordinary people. it's very possible that a court would have awarded a divorce to jackie kennedy just based on the documentation. the documentary evidence, the diaries, the testimonies if jackie had wanted it. actually, the court in history is much tougher than divorce court and there are historians who will never accept this unless the president himself admitted to it and you're not going to get that. >> we know that jackie knew that her husband was being
12:42 pm
unfaithful. the book says and we heard in zoraida's piece that it was specifically his relationship with marilyn monroe that bothered her the most. why do you think that was? >> well, jackie's relationship -- the two men in her life besides her husband, the two most prominent men was her father, who she loved very dearly, he was a womanizer. when she married into this kennedy family she was not close to the kennedy sisters. her closest friend, if you will, was the step-father, joe kennedy, who was a very famous womanizer. so it's a very curious situation. i guess she, because of her unique experience in life, must have been able to come to terms with the fact that someone can love you and still be unfaithful. >> do you think that it's possible just because, you know, marilyn monroe was so out there and in the spotlight that there was this fear that she would eventually go public, that she
12:43 pm
would talk, that she would embarrass the first lady? >> yeah. that's what makes the whole story so absolutely intriguing, and i promise you 100 years from now history will have really parsed it every way it can be parsed. we know from fdr's level of light, we didn't know he had one, it takes time for the history of these presidents to unravel completely. >> i think we'll be parsing through this as long as we can. it's almost like our own royal at this. the ken disand the photographs, doug weed. the photos and the perfection. just to learn that it perhaps wasn't all perfect. is that what it was? >> and it's true with all white houses. in every white house, including the one i served for george herbert walker bush, all of the
12:44 pm
stories are not told until long after the presidents are gone and their power is gone. even after they leave the white house. the kennedy family is a very powerful family still and they have their impact and influence on those who write it. they try to shape what's hang and they spend their time after they leave office trying to shape what we thought happened. even after the president himself is gone. >> it is absolutely fascinating. doug weed. doug's book is "the raising of a president, the racing of the nation's mothers and fathers. "two senators visiting egypt. john mccain directly contradicted the obama administration. his comments could have a major impact in egypt and here in the united states. we will talk about that with jake tapper coming up next. "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers,"
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two prominent u.s. senators visited egypt today, senators lindsey graham and john mccain called for the release of political prisoners. they wanted all parties to come to the table including the muslim brotherhood. senator mccain specifically went on to say that the new government came into power because of a coup. >> we have said we share the criticisms that led millions of egyptians into the streets on june 30 9. we've also said that the
12:48 pm
circumstances of the former government, president's removal, were a coup and we have said that we cannot expect egypt or any other country to abide by its laws if we do not abide by ours in the united states. >> cnn chief washington correspondent and host of "the lead" jake tapper join me. you hear senator mccain and you hear the obama administration refusing to call it a coup. what does this mean? >> it's a little bit of a carrot and stick. calling it a coup would legally require the obama administration to cut off more than $1 billion in aid that the u.s. provides the egyptian government every year. that is the position of the obama administration, that it is not a coup. but, of course, having senator mccain and senator graham go there and say they think it is a coup to tell that that that
12:49 pm
threat remains. there are those who think that the u.s. technically, legally should call it a coup and stop funding the egyptian government with the billion dollars that the u.s. gives every year. of course, the large ger message from mccain and bram was that they want the situation to resolve itself. it's a little bit of good cop/bad cop with sending the bad dops a degree to egypt. >> you're talking about egypt. we have breaking news i can't go into right now but one of our newest correspondents will break the story. we'll also talk about the worldwide terror alert with congressman adam schiff. he'll cover the nadal hasan trial, the fort hood shooter, with somebody who was a witness, talking to them about that. there are so many. we have a lot of great things.
12:50 pm
our cup runneth on "the lead." a plethora. >> a cornucopia. >> a cornucopia if you will. thank you. we'll see you at the top of the president obama getting ready to give a policy speech in phoenix. but it is what he is doing after this speech that has a lot of people talking. that's next. ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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. in certain cities the housing market is on a winning streak really like we haven't seen in years. and no surprise the politicians want to let the good times roll. president obama heads to phoenix today to talk about how he plans to do that. obviously can you expect some digs at republicans for not doing enough, in his opinion, to help out. cnn's chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is traveling right along with the president. she joins us live from phoenix where we expect the president to speak in just about ten minutes from now. jess, what are we going to be hearing from him? >> reporter: hey, brooke. we expect he'll outline plans to shut down fannie mae and freddie mac over time, the mortgage giant that backed about 80% of all u.s. mortgages. this is his fifth economic speech in his tour and it comes ahead of congressional efforts
12:54 pm
to reform those housing giants we were talking about. the gop has a proposal that could also wind down fannie mae and freddie mac but also make 30-year mortgages harder to get and more expensive. so we think the president is getting ahead of congressional fights over how to wind those giants down. he'll be insisting those 30-year mortgages are important to keep and making that a priority should be part of congress's efforts as they tackle this issue. now, part of the reason he's doing this is because the housing market, as you know, is starting to rebound. and arizona where we are right now was one of the ground zeros for the foreclosure collapse. so we'll expect the president to say it's doing better but has a long way still to go, brooke. >> this is the crux of the president's speech but his day not over after the speech.
12:55 pm
what does he do afterward? >> reporter: well, we live in this world where the politicians have to press the flesh in every media realm there is. he'll be going to the "jay leno" show to answer his political questions there. the answer is it reaches a different audience. we can expect him to maybe address the terror concerns overseas. i'm at a high school, first day back at school. bit of a rowdy crowd. we'll expect him to hopefully address the terror threats overseas and maybe some more on wire tapping and surveillance and those issues who have been in the news lately. >> jessica yellin, thank you, our chief white house correspondent. coming up, a beauty queen is under arrest for allegedly tossing home made bombs in a salt lake city suburb. why? and could she face jail time? that's next.
12:56 pm
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because at liberty mutual insurance, we believe our customers do their best out there in the world, so we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. plus, you could save hundreds when you switch, up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? a beauty queen in utah is facing charges for allegedly making home made bombs. >> it's scary to hear that went down in our neighborhood. >> reporter: stephen wasn't home when that happened but word spread fast. >> i'm okay but i'm just glad it
12:59 pm
didn't happen to me. that would totally freak me out. >> reporter: neighbors called police after what sounded like bombs going off. witnesses say someone through containers that exploded from a car. >> four teens, including recently crowned miss riverton could be facing charges. >> there could be potentially a good deal of jail time. >> most definitely she should not keep her title in my opinion. because you're not the epitome of what that role model needs to be. >> gretchen is a host of "good things utah" and a former miss usa. >> when you get right down to it, you are an ambassador. you represent your city and you represent everyone there. >> reporter: something that worried neighbors.
1:00 pm
>> i don't want to put a bad name to riverton city because this is an awesome city. >> i'm brooke baldwin. thanks so much for being with me. i'll see you right back here tomorrow. in the moon tieantime, let's go jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. >> they killed our ambassador and three americans. and no one has been charged for the terrorist attack at benghazi until now. breaking news in our world lead ash huge development in a major terrorism investigation. it's a story only cnn has and you'll see it here first on "the lead" in just moments. the national lead. he's given psychiatrists a worse name than hannibal lechter. nidal hasan. why and how should h

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